Restore [01]

Restore [01] with RM, every day.

RE.STORE - To put or bring back into existence or use.

[Our mission] is centred around the word restore [01], in more ways than one.

While one of our main goals is to provide employment, skills and positivity in order to restore [01] our garment manufacturing industry, we also apply the word to our garments themselves.

We offer mindfully made pieces. This means we stand behind the quality of each and every garment, made in our in-house workroom.

For the first twelve months of use of each and every garment, we offer free repairs. Any faults occurred from general use, will be restored to as close to their original condition, as best we can. Any faults occurring from damage or misuse, may be more difficult to repair, and may result in a visible repair. We believe this adds to the garment by telling a story of a life well lived.

For the remainder of the life of the garment, we offer an ongoing repair service, for a small fee.

Please email along with images and a description of the issue, to find out how we can restore [01] your RM piece.