Restore [01] with RM, every day. Essentials, for your everyday [04]. 

Mindfully made pieces, from responsibly sourced fabrics. Supporting and shaping [02] our local industry, and your body.

When you place an order with us, find comfort [03] in knowing your garment is cut, sewn, pressed, packed and shipped, all from our workroom.

Our goal is to provide employment, skills and positivity to our garment manufacturing industry, for our everyday, to become your everyday [04].

In 2019, Rachel and her mother, Adrienne, took over a garment manufacturing business. Through this, they experienced first-hand the kind of pressure the skills side of the industry is under, to work hard, for very little pay, and how difficult it will be for the industry to continue on in this way.

The RM brand in its current form, has been carefully developed as a way to support our industry, with plans to train and support garment workers, as the brand grows.

Each piece is developed with careful thought, about how garments can be designed and made in a way to maximise the machinists' time, to offer everyday pieces at an accessible price. By utilising the machines we have on-hand, and the skills of the machinists we employ, we have come up with a selection of pieces we believe will slot into your everyday wardrobe.